Live Well

Cancer treatment can affect the ability to chew or swallow solid textured foods due to oral soreness, pain, inflammation, irritation, and/or physical changes or weakness after surgery.
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Live well

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Anxious woman

Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms experienced by patients...

Hand with fork

Appetite loss is a common symptom experienced by patients...

Making salad

Often, cancer treatment can lead to a heightened sense of smell...

Woman drinking water

Cancer treatment affects the cells in the body that replicate the fastest.

Healthy smoothies

Cancer treatment can affect the ability to chew or swallow...

Woman on scale

Decreased oral intake of calories, along with the increased energy demands…

Prepped for success

Maintaining a healthy diet can help to set yourself up for success.

Man scratching head

Nausea can be caused by certain cancer treatments. Get tips on how you can manage it.

Green smoothie

Constipation can be caused by certain cancer treatments as well as nausea and pain medications…