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My circle
Useful information and advice, all in one place

Life can be chaotic. On your Feed, you can get motivated by daily inspirations, invite friends and loved ones to support you and see important updates, all in one place.

Request help
Get help with daily tasks

Asking for help can be difficult. With Support, it's easy to ask friends and loved ones for help with daily tasks like meals or lifts to doctors' appointments and everything in between.

Log pain
Care for your body and mind

How you’re feeling may change day by day, so it’s important to look for patterns. In the Health section you can:

  • Track your mood and pain
  • Connect Fitbit® , Apple Health or Google FitTM  to record sleep and steps
  • Share personalised graphs and reports with your healthcare team 
Stay organised and make doctors’ appointments more productive

Remembering everything from appointments with your doctor isn’t always easy. ByYourSideTM makes it easy to track of what you want to discuss with your doctor.

Use Notes to set up custom folders, record your thoughts and store important information and documents.

My circle
Build a circle of support

It’s important to connect with friends and loved ones, near and far. With My Circle, you can build a circle of support. Once you invite people to join you on ByYourSIdeTM, you can: 

  • Send or receive requests for help
  • Share how you’re feeling with friends and loved ones
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At Pfizer Oncology, we believe it's our responsibility to help support and inspire those who have been affected by cancer.

We're telling the stories of real people who are living with cancer and providing tools and resources like the free ByYourSide app. 

We hope you'll join us in our efforts.

clinical trials
Learn about the role of clinical studies in cancer & the importance of ethnic diversity in treatment development.
insight panel

The Pfizer Oncology Insights Panel aims to improve key aspects of non-clinical patient care to help people affected by cancer.

PP-UNP-GBR-7156 / January 2024