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Cynthia's story: Finding her voice

With her creative spirit and warm smile, Cynthia is the kind of person who makes an impression the moment you meet her.


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We are the only UK patient advocacy charity for metastatic breast cancer (MBC). We focus on awareness, drug access, access to clinical trials and being counted as we need data on those living with MBC. 


Supporting primary and secondary breast cancer patients to make informed choices. Sharing information and up to date news and providing information and useful links with a one stop shop.

Triple Negative Breast Cancer
We are a charity dedicated to helping people with TNBC in the UK by providing them with better information and support, and by funding research into TNBC.
AKC Logo

Action Kidney Cancer is the UK’s only patient-led kidney cancer charity. We provide personal and practical support, up-to-date evidence-based information and patient advocacy for kidney cancer patients and their families across the United Kingdom.

clinical trials
Learn about the role of clinical studies in cancer & the importance of ethnic diversity in treatment development.
insight panel

The Pfizer Oncology Insights Panel aims to improve key aspects of non-clinical patient care to help people affected by cancer.


Explore ByYourSide™

A free app designed to help manage life with cancer.

Knowledge is power. Stay motivated by browsing

articles and resources specific to your cancer type.

Download ByYourSide™ for free or
learn more about the app.

At Pfizer Oncology, we believe it's our responsibility to help support and inspire those who have been affected by cancer.

We're telling the stories of real people who are living with cancer and providing tools and resources like the free ByYourSide app. 

We hope you'll join us in our efforts.

Shashi story

Shashi has been living with non-Hodgkin lymphoma for ten years and believes in taking cancer one day at a time. ​ ​

Trying new things, healthy eating, spending time outside and surrounding yourself with family are a few of Shashi’s tips for living well with cancer. ​ ​


In 2014, Kevin Webber was diagnosed with incurable prostate cancer and given two years to live. ​Since then, Kevin has run 15,000 miles, becoming an ultramarathon runner and fundraising at the same time. ​ ​ ​

Watch Kevin’s video to hear his story and find out how you can still chase your dreams after diagnosis.​​

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