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Cynthia's story: Finding her voice

With her creative spirit and warm smile, Cynthia is the kind of person who makes an impression the moment you meet her.

Cancer type

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Picture of Frances in building
Frances, from Belfast, was diagnosed with a type of blood cancer, called acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, in 2017 while studying at St. Andrews University. Here’s her story of living with cancer. 
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Find out about the benefits of regular exercise for people with multiple myeloma
Fatigue image
Fatigue is a common symptom that most people with multiple myeloma will experience
Fertility image
Learn more about how treatment for multiple myeloma may affect your fertility.
Isolation image
People living with multiple myeloma can experience feelings of stress, anxiety, or loneliness. Find out some tips on improving the emotional wellbeing of people with multiple myeloma and their caregivers.
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Learn more about ‘risk’ and how multiple myeloma treatment may vary according to risk status.

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Making changes to your diet may reduce problems with digestion.
lymphoma action

Lymphoma Action is the only UK charity dedicated to lymphoma. View here free information, support services and opportunities to connect with others living with lymphoma.


Blood Cancer UK

Community of supporters, researchers, nurses, volunteers and campaigners, working together to transform the lives of people affected by blood cancer.


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