Managing life with cancer

ByYourSide is a free app designed to help patients and carers manage life with cancer. Part of a broader initiative from Pfizer Oncology, the app can help you connect with loved ones, get the support you need, improve communication with your doctors and stay organised. Here's a look at some of the things the ByYourSide app can help you accomplish:

Build a network of support
ByYourSide helps you connect with loved ones and easily share updates about your health and how you're feeling. Your support network can also share their updates and send encouragement.

Request help when you need it
The app allows you to send requests to members of your support network for help with daily tasks, whether it's childcare, the weekly shop, household chores or other needs.

Organise your care
ByYourSide is your personalised digital companion during doctors' visits. You can use the app to take notes and record important conversations with your doctor, as well as store key documents related to your care in one place. It also consolidates your calendar appointments and sends reminders about important tasks.

Monitor your health
You can use the app to track your mood, pain, sleep and daily steps – all valuable information you can share with your carers. It also integrates with other health apps and wearables.

PP-ONC-GBR-2042 /  July 2022